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The SMESEC consortium launches a framework to protect SMEs against cyber incidents

Madrid, May 27, 2020 – The SMESEC consortium, coordinated by Atos Spain, released the first public version of the SMESEC Framework, a unified framework for SMEs.

The Cybersecurity Best Practices for SMEs Quiz

Check your cybersecurity skills to protect your SME better and get a certificate of completion issued by 4 European projects.

Cybersecurity Standards Workshop: impacts and gaps for SMEs

On May 24th, SMESEC and StandICT are coming together on a one-day workshop in Brussels, Belgium.

Project Management Board Meeting in Nice

On January 15-16, the project partners of the SMESEC consortium gathered for the regular project management board meeting.

Aargauer Zeitung reporting about SMESEC

Aargauer Zeitung has cooperated with FHNW to disseminate information about the SMESEC project.

Open HTTP proxies an open threat for the SMEs

The proliferation and widespread use of open web proxies necessitate an approach to detect, understand and measure the extent of content modification by rogue proxies.

End Node Security and Trust vulnerabilities in the Smart City Infrastructure

Despite the fact, that smart cities are growing very fast; security is still a big issue for them.

Developing Partnerships to Enhance Security

Worldsensing has an interaction with both large companies and SMEs to enhance security.

Security Issues in IoT Devices

Botnets are one of the most common IoT attacks. So, IoT solutions should embrace security from the very beginning conception and design phase.

Recent Media Coverage in Spain

SMESEC continues growing interest in Spain.

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